Why Choose HX Circuit

US and EU Certificated Quality Assurances
UL 1 & 2 Layers Rigid PCB
UL Multilayers Rigid PCB
UL Certification HX 3
ISO 14001
Who We Are
  • HX Circuit has been providing PCB more than 10 years. We focus on 2-8 layers FR4 Rigid PCBs.
  • We are a mid-sized professonial manufacturer – a good match for production runs that range from prototype to mass prducts. Being a professonial manufacturer, we are more flexible and responsive to buyers requirements than a larger factory.
  • HX Circuit continually strives to import the latest technology to provide the best quality rigid PCB with very competitive prices.
What We Are Doing and What We Will Do
  • What we are doing
    HX provides a complete suite of PCB manufacturer Services, including Quick-turn, Prototype, mass products.
  • What we will do
    HX Circuit will keep supply a reasonable price, high quality manufacturing services, on time delivery, technology innvoation and ontime communication. Those are the key to keeping our partners happy.
Who We Work With
  • 30% of of our customers are distributors.
  • 30% is printed circiut boards assembly service companies.
  • 30% is the ending customers,like 3C electronics and home appliances..
  • HX’s partners include some global famous brands in Electronics, Network Communication, Telecommunication,Industial Embeded System and Medical Technology.

Our Partners

Concentrated Expertise
  • Some PCB suppliers offer PCB design or software, manufacturing, even PCBA service. We are not sure if they are realy realiable manufacturers. Cause PCB manufacturing is totally different from design software and PCB assembly.
  • HX circuit decides to invest 100% of our money, time and energy into manufacturing the best quality rigid printed circuit boards, and we focus on 2-8 layers FR-4 rigid PCBs.
  • Most of our engineers have 10+ years experience in this industry. There are 130+ engineers and technicians in HX.
  • Everyone at HX focuses on the only thing – Rigid PCB manufacturing. Before shipping, each pc PCB has to be transfered among 23 departments. We ensure we create valuable products for our partners.

Our Partners

24/7 Quote Services

HX Circuit service team consists entirely of the people who love their jobs. We’re online 24/7, quote within 24 hours or faster as required, any question will be quickly reacted within 30 minutes.

Our Philosophy

At HX Circuit, we only have one objective: “supply the best customers experience”. From the quote speed, to test the circuit boards, to each QC, to ensure the highest quality of the products. Working with HX just feels you are the real “the host” . Reaching this goal is reflected in everything we do.

24/7 Technical Support Services

There are more than 130 engineers and technicians. Most of our managers hvae more than 10 years experiencs in PCB industry. They have got through thousands of issues and very good at English. They are communicate effectively and timely, you’ll be informed in advance if there is any problem of design & products.

In-house Manufacturing

Manufacturing in house using fully automatic equipment. HX Cirtuit uses 5S management system. We’re in control of the production, and provide service from prototyping to mass production.

24 Hours Quick-turn

Quick-turn PCB prototypes can be delivered in 24 hours
Two shifts in production department provide you faster delivery time.

Door to Door Service

Cost-effective shipping methods are available.
Delivery Department workers are familiar with logistics, such as DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx, and also “door to door” by air/train. We will help you save cost.

Non-disclosure Agreement

We follow confidentiality agreements (NDA) to ensure customers interests. This is why we keep the long-term partnership.
Many of our customers are industry leaders.


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