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Rigid Multilayer PCB Fabrication | Capability 3,850,000ft²

  • Found in 2010, Factory 129,100 ft²
  • 24/7 After-sale Service, 98% On-Time delivery
  • ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 | UL E500302
  • IATF 16949 | RoHS | REACH

Heavy Cooper Board | Board Thickness 0.40 mm~4.0 mm

$ 0 NRE | $ 0 Samples | 30 credit days from the first order

  • Focus on Rigid PCB, FR-4, 0- 12 Layers.
  • Samples PCB factory
  • $ 0 NRE for all ≥3 m² new orders and ≥1 m² transferred orders

Minimum Core Thickness 0.1mm(4mil) | Width/ Space 3mil/ 3mil

hx circuit factory

HX Circuit Features

  • Shenzhen HuiXin Circuit Technology Co.,Ltd (HX Circuit).
  • Founded in 2010, Focus on rigid PCB, 0-12 layers, FR4.
  • The total investment of the factory is USD 20.3 M.
  • The plant area is 129,100 ft².
  • The monthly production capacity is 322,500 ft².
  • More than 330 employees, 50+engineers and technicians
  • More than 5 Exhibitions/ year.
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$ 0 NRE

≥1 m² Orders

  • For all ≥3 m² new orders
  • For all ≥1 m² transferred orders.
  • Rigid PCB, FR-4
PCB manufacturer 0 nre
Board Thickness
0.6mm ~ 4.0mm
OSP / Immersion Gold
0.40 mm~4.0 mm
$ 0 Samples

Free Samples

  • 24 hours quick turn
  • Based on Mass production
  • $ 0 FOB Hong Kong
Board Thickness
1/2 L 0.40 mm~4.0 mm
4 L Min: 0.6 mm
6 L Min: 0.8 mm
8 L Min: 1.0 mm
30 Credit Days

From 1st order

  • For all customers
  • For all orders
  • From the delivery date
Copper Thickness
1/2 OZ ~ 4 OZ
1 OZ ~ 15 OZ

On-time delivery

  • Nearby Shenzen Port
  • By Express/ Air/ Sea
PCB MANUFACTURER on time deliverys
Line Width ± 1mil
Board Thickness ±0.1mm
Drill size ±0.05mm
Bow and Twist 0.5%
ISO 14001
IATF 16949
UL E500302
Multilayer PCB Fabrication
Multilayer PCB Fabrication
Multilayer PCB Fabrication
Multilayer PCB Fabrication

Focus on Multilayer PCB Fabrication Service

Finish all multilayer PCB fabrication processes in-house. 

Headquarters:7 floor, Huachuangda YiJing Building, 45 District,
Bao’an District, Shenzhen, CN

PCB Fabrication:Bld3 Xinda Circuit Science and Technology Park,South of Luyuan Avenue West of Industrial Park, Xinfeng county

Delivery Wearhouse:Tianchen Bld, Xinhe Road, Bao’an District

More about HX Circuit

Things about HX Circuit Multilayer PCB Fabrication

Quick Turn

A dedicated team.

  • Delivery 24 hours – 4 days
  • Layers 0 -12 layers
  • Quality IPC2/ IPC 3
  • 5≤Quantity<1000
  • Material FR4
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PCB Fabrication

Focus on 0 -12 layers

  • FR4 PCB fabrication
  • Cooper, Aluminum
  • Multilayer PCB
  • Quantity≥1000
  • Capability 3,850,000ft²
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Key Account Service

Free plan solutions

  • Free quick turn service
  • Free NRE
  • 7/ 24 hours calling service
  • Priority Producing Schedule
  • 15-person support team
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for Eu and US

  • ISO9001/ ISO 14001
  • UL
  • Rohs
  • Reach
  • IATF

More About HX

about us

HX Circuit was founded in 2010. Headquarters is located in Shenzhen, factory is in Xinfeng county. HX is a professional manufacturer of rigid PCB, focus on 2-8 layers, FR-4.

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Factory Video

Rigid PCB production from raw material to FQC. We update our automatic machine regularly. There are 2 lines, one is for quick turn, the other one is for mass production.

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Why choose us

UL/ Rohs/ Reach/ ISO 9001/ ISO 14001, 24/7 After-sale Service, 5S System Factory Management, 96.8% On Time Delivery, 120+ Engineers, More than 5 Exhibitions/ year.

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Our Partners

You did great work. They offer us very good solution for our every requirement. We revised the design so many times and get great suggestions every time. I will keep using HX for any rigid items.

Dustin Clark

HX PCB is the best choice for 6 layers products. Not only high quality, but also offer much helpful suggestion. This help to reduce much cost to. Thanks!

Benjamin White

I knew HX PCB from one of my engineer friends. He told me HX is a professional manufacturer of rigid products. When did my first pcb prototype, from quote to order, they give us enough sense of security ,I like their service, and now we are old friend also.

Brian Miller

It’s awesome experience to work with HX circuit! I know they only make rigid pcbs, but I also ask them help to deal with the flex business. As a very small distributor, thank you Alex Young, you have a professional team, you always supply great solutions.

Robert Hall

HX circuit now is the only supplier of our rigid PCBs. You are really professional manufacturer and your productsmakes us confident to produce our medical devices. Thanks very much for your prompt response and great suggestions.

James Moore

Glad to chose HX circuit. We failed too many times from other suppliers. Thanks to George Wilson, it’s you bring me to HX. Our designs are hearing aid devices. They are very sensitive products. Only HX circuit gave us the great solutions and we got what we want. Thanks so much.

Andrew Taylor