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Office Add:7 floor, Huachuangda YiJing Building, 45 District, 
Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China, 518101 
Factory Add:  Bld.3 Xinda Circuit Science and Technology Park, 
South of Luyuan Avenue West of Industrial Park, Xinfeng county, Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China.

HX Circuit Technology  Co., Ltd 

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Value System

HX’s Vision

    Build a centenary enterprise with global reputation.

HX’s Mission

    Pursue perfect quality.

    Provide professional service

    Pay attention to the humanitarian care.

HX’s Corporate Value

    Honesty, Responsibility, Preciseness, Efficiency;  Respect, Solidarity, Ambition, Sharing.

HX’s Tenet

    Customer-centric, striver-oriented.

HX’s Philosophy

    Attitude is everything, details determine your success.

HX’s Corporate Slogan

    Better Technology, better Life.


HX’s Social Responsibility

1. Fulfilling corporate responsibilities and  making practical contribution to the environmental protection;

2. Complying with laws and regulations to prevent environmental pollution;

3. Creating a eco-friendly enterprise for energy conservation and emission reduction and cleaner production.


To enrich employees’ entertainment, promote their health, and enhance enterprise’s core culture, we organized the basketball game every year in BaoAn Sports Center from 2016 . All staffs joined the game and the players showed themselves and fought hard. The basketball match ended up with great success each year,also improved the relationship bettwen the staffs.