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As the talent is the first element of enterprise development, we adhere to the "people-oriented" talent strategy , attract the talent with competitive salary system,  develop personnel with perfect training system and working space, and reward  with various promotion channels ,anticipated hand in hand cooperates with you to build the professionalism, the professional quality, and excellent performance teams together.
1. Combined employee's personal interest and specialty, to make individual career development plan for employees.
2. Perfect enterprise regulations and training system, to guide employees to keep on learning and rapid growing.
3. Based on the employee's personal development, to establish multi-channel promotion pattern for professional management and marketing talent.
4. Considering employee's lifelong development, valuing staff quality and spiritual training, giving staff family-like care, guiding like a strict teacher to improve their personality and skills to be the pillar of society.
HR principle
1. Agree our enterprise culture and morality-oriented
2. Pay more attention to the evaluation to choose according to the ability.
3. Appoint by merit and talent.
4. Lighting qualification and valuing ability.